Aunt Matildas Steampunk Locket NecklaceTake a moment, take a key, take a deep breath, and unlock your imagination. Step with me into a world pulled from the yellowed pages of Victorian science fiction and mixed with dusty tales of The American Wild West. It is a place of alternate histories and what-if’s. Many authors and dreamers have added their speculations to it. Everyone imagines it a little differently, so it is unique to each brave enough to enter it. It is a world of clocks and cogs, of keys and curiosities. It is the world of Steampunk.

This is the world of my Great Aunt Matilda, who was a rather peculiar lady, to say the least. Sometime in her youth, she came into possession of a locket, which was unlike anything I had seen before or since. She claimed that it gave her the power to slide into other worlds, and having heard the outrageous stories of her adventures, I fully believed her. I never saw Aunt Matilda without that locket, and when I asked what was inside, her response was simply, “magic.”

Aunt Matilda's Steampunk TrunkAunt Matilda traveled the world on a quest for keepsakes, or “memories” as she would call them. She collected trunk after trunk of souvenirs, jewelry, outfits, and gadgets. She would often select a memento for me to admire and tell the adventurous tale of how she acquired it.

Aunt Matilda’s Steampunk Trunk is a boutique filled with unique handmade jewelry, gifts, clothing, and decor. Our online store is now open, and we are adding new products daily! For the full experience, visit our gift shop located in St. Augustine, FL (106 St George St.).

It is our sincere hope that, like Aunt Matilda, you will find a keepsake to build a memory around. And whether the story you spin is true or tall, it will have its roots in that magical world of Steampunk.

Upcoming Events

Steampunk Invasion
November 8th-10th, 2019

Join us for the 3rd annual St. Augustine Steampunk Invasion! With special guest Bastille the Butler. Events on the itinerary:
-Fri: Opening night festivities & book signing
-Sat: Steampunk Stroll Pub Crawl*
-Sun: Dieselpunk Brunch at Aunt Matilda’s Steampunk Trunk*
-Selfie Scavenger Hunt: decipher clues to local attractions and get discounts when in garb
-Sat: Rotating Sales at Aunt Matilda’s Steampunk Trunk

And more to come!
*ticketed events
Scavenger Hunt Locations
You can still complete the hunt until 9pm on Sunday!
  1. St. Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum  (Museum and store discount)
  2. Bridge of Lions
  3. The Spice & Tea Exchange® of St. Augustine
  4. Grilled Cheese Gallery
  5. Mythical Mountain St Augustine
  6. Ben & Jerry’s 
  7. Flagler College
  8. Pizzalley’s
  9. Le Macaron French Pastries®
    (both St Augustine locations)
  10. Castillo de San Marcos

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