Dragon Magic Wand

Dragon Magic Wand


It was sunset in the Forbidden Forest of the Felled Druids by the time Aunt Matilda came across this wand. As much as she loved the pure adventure this land holds, and the numerous lessons it teaches, she was missing properly cooked food and human camaraderie. She had no access to her transportation after the crash, and she was hopelessly lost to the mass expanse of the forest.

After marching on for days she reached a point where she was truly ready to give up. She had an acquired taste for adventures, difficult or not, but she was always the one who decided when it was over. Where was the fun in adventure if you couldn’t share the stories with good company?

‘Matilda, collector of Wands,’ she heard an inhumanly deep voice speak, ‘you are ready to return to your world, I take it?’

Unsure who would refer to her with a name she did not recognize, no matter how appropriate, she turned in confusion.

‘I am,’ she spoke as her eyes met with a dragon ten times her size.

‘I congratulate you on attaining the understanding this forest holds, and further commend you for your genuine adventuring spirit. It’s with immense pleasure I offer you a safe and blessed exit from here to wherever calls to your heart. The only condition is you may not come back, or tell anyone how to reach this place. This is a plane tied to destiny and purpose; you are meant to accomplish many great feats in this world, and it was our honor to bring you from Felled to Ascendant in this time.’

As he finished, the druids, the owl, the greenlady, and the snake came forward with their parting words. There was genuine joy and excitement in all of their hearts as the energy reached a point of physical tangibility. She smiled, feeling their belief in her, and took her seat on the back of the kind dragon. It was only a blink before she found herself in farmland just outside of Cardiff. She was always disappointed she didn’t get to truly feel the sensation of riding a dragon then, but she was happy enough to walk the few miles for some fresh tea and lunch after an adventure of that caliber.